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Be a Kitchen Rockstar

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Picture it … the game of the season … or your turn to host the poker … or the movie all your friends have been waiting for.

Your friends expect a few bags of chips to go with the beers, but what’s that they smell? They’re wide-eyed at the array of snacks you pull out; these could never be shop-bought. They taste great, they look great, and they’re not just starch laden with salt and sugar, are these actually … healthy?

Or you bring her home – “Oh, you’re making me dinner?” Her eyes stop rolling when she sees what you’ve made, and when she tastes it, her panties hit the floor with a bang – lucky the bedroom isn’t far.

Or in the office, everyone else pays out for a wilted lunchtime sandwich or greasy fast food – they just don’t understand how you can manage to bring something home-cooked and healthy every day. But you know it’s not hard, and the taste isn’t the only reward.

The MGTOW Kitchen has dozens and dozens of recipes for you to practice with, but it’s not a recipe book. Every recipe explains the principles of what you are doing, and you learn to apply those principles to any dish that you want to cook.

You don’t just learn a few dishes. You learn to cook – anything.

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