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Buy the Best

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You get what you pay for – right?


Food marketing uses emotional reactions to charge the most for the least value and quality. Pricing is a big part of that. She (it’s usually she) thinks “This one is more expensive – it must be better”.

The MGTOW Kitchen shows you how to avoid these traps and, with ingredient after ingredient, spot the quality and spot the bargains.

And, as a man, you are expected to keep learning for yourself. The MGTOW Kitchen doesn’t treat you like a child and leave you with a list of instructions. Each piece of knowledge has detailed reasoning, which you apply to new experience and keep broadening your knowledge.

The housewife used to know how to feed her husband and family, but that day is gone. Now, will you keep impulse-buying industrially-produced gloop? Or will you learn how to get the best for yourself with The MGTOW Kitchen?

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