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Optimize Nutrition

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Lifting is only half the deal.

For a healthy, fit body, you have to eat right. Nobody else will do it for you. You have to take control of it yourself.

Even if you buy healthy-looking products, you can still be scammed. Women have been buying Kellog’s Special K as a diet food for decades. Pity none of them were smart enough to read the label – some varieties are up to 30 per cent pure sugar. It’s basically candy.

The MGTOW Kitchen will steer you out of those traps. It teaches you which foods have the nutrients you need, which foods combine well together, and what you need to eat, depending on whether you are lifting to put on muscle, trying to lose weight, or wanting to keep steady.

And that’s only half the story…

The act of cooking itself is good for your nutrition. Eating is a multi-sensory activity. The sight and smell of your food are just as important as the taste. The MGTOW Kitchen trains your senses to recognize the good food, so you automatically choose what is good for you.

Going back on your diet after just one more frosted donut is for women – The MGTOW Kitchen makes you instinctively eat like a fit, healthy man.

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